Breakfast and Lunch

All students receive a FREE breakfast and FREE lunch each school day. Menus are available here:  Students have a choice of three entrees plus a delicious and nutritious salad/fruit bar. Students may bring lunch and snacks from home, but please send only healthy items. Students cannot bring candy, soda, coffee, sports/energy drinks (ex: Gatorade), or unhealthy chips (ex: Hot Cheetos/Takis) for lunch. The purpose of this is to keep our kids’ bodies and brains healthy! 

Cafeteria and Lunch Arbor Rules:

  • Enter the eating area and wait in line calmly.
  • Find your classroom table, select a seat, and stay there.
  • Use respectful language (don’t forget to thank the people who are serving the food!)
  • Use quiet voices when talking to friends at your table.
  • Raise your hand for permission to leave your table.
  • Finish eating, clean up your area, and dispose of tray and trash appropriately.

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